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5 years
7 lbs.
Domestic Medium Hair
I've been adopted!

Camille is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

If you are interested in adopting her please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet her.

Camille is one of those kitties who is so pretty but her pictures just don't do her justice. It's hard to tell just how soft her medium length coat really is without coming in to see her. Plus, she tends to look a bit "grumpy" in her photos and Camille is anything but that. In fact, she is a playful, fun loving girl who loves her toys and playing with Clarabelle and Clementine. While we do not know for sure, we do think she may be the mom of the two girls. All rescued from an unfortunate situation, their bond is undeniable.

Camille also loves her human friends. She enjoys being petted, is very sweet and affectionate and has recently learned to enjoy the fresh air on our screened porch. In an ideal world, Camille would find a home with Clarabelle and Clementine but because we know that is next to impossible, she would be fine as an only cat with lots of human affection. She does well when you pick her up her favorite treat is canned food. She will stare at you and talk til she has you totally wrapped around her paw!

Camille is a real sweetie. Come meet her today and see if you are the human she is looking for.


What my friends say about me:

Camille was a bit shy when she arrived but no surprise there since she went through so much. In just one month we now have a different cat. She has gained a pound and her fur is now soft and beautiful. She plays all the time with Clarabelle and Clementine and loves to run around with her toys. Her favorite treat is canned food and she will stare at you and talk til she has you totally wrapped around her paw! Camille is a truly wonderful girl!