Captain Jack Spratt

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4 years
19 lbs
Bull Terrier/Corgi Blend
I've been adopted!

Captain Jack Spratt is not available for adoption and is not currently at our adoption center.

If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How to Adopt” section.

Captain Jack Spratt has an adoption pending.

Captain Jack came to Atlanta Pet Rescue all the way from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. This little guy was discovered by one of Judy’s traveling companions while volunteering at the sanctuary.  It didn’t take long for Judy to see that Jack is special.

Jack was found as a stray in a town in Utah.  (Go figure!) When he arrived at Best Friends, the vets there discovered that he has a congenital condition called elbow dysplasia in his left front leg.  It causes him pain, and the colder climate in Utah didn’t help.   They were doing their best for him, but Judy and the folks at Best Friends agreed that he could get more specialized attention in Atlanta.

Captain Jack is perfect in every way, despite his crooked gait.  He’s cute as a button, and his sunny disposition and loving nature far outweigh his orthopedic problem.   A couple of sleepovers was all it took to learn that Jack is a pal to everyone he meets.  He’s young and playful, yet mellow.  He’s bright, curious, well-mannered, friendly and is absolutely one of the best snugglers on the planet.  Jack has a talent for finding the softest pillows on the bed and the softest place in your heart.

This unique, fun, loving little boy is ready for his special forever home where he will be loved and accepted with open arms, gimpy leg and all.

It will be a while until we get a diagnosis of his elbow condition and recommendations for his best care, including surgery if the doctors think it best.  Please make a tax deductible donation to help us care for this precious one.  Just click the " Sponsor Me"  link above.

Update:    Captain Jack went to see Northlake Veterinary Surgery and Dr. Corse this week to see what was going on with his leg.  Dr. Corse discovered that Jack has an old fracture that was not taken care of properly and made his leg heal in an incorrect manner.  He had surgery on Wednesday, December 5th to fix his leg.  He'll need several weeks  of  recovery time after surgery.  Check back for more updates soon!

12/5/2012:  Captain Jack's surgery went very well and he will stay in a foster  home recovering. We'll try to explain his surgery as simply as possible.  His orthopedic surgeon cut through one of his leg bones (the ulna) on the diagonal and stretched the parts until the length was equal to the other bone (the radius) in his leg.  The idea is to make the bones the same length so his elbow can function normally.  Dr. Corse thinks the surgery went extremely well, and he is excited about the overall procedure and Jack's prognosis.  So are we!!  We are very thankful to have Fair S and Jen from Camp Canine USA as his sponsors.

12.18/12:  Jack is ready to move on to the next level and have his sutures removed and get checked by Dr. Corse on the 19th.  He seems to be in no discomfort and is ready to be more active.  Unfortunately, he must stay in his cage most of the time to allow his bones to heal.  Jack just doesn't understand this is for his best interest...  Judy

Can't adopt right now, but have Captain Jack Spratt on your mind and in your heart?  Be his virtual foster by clicking here and make a tax deductible donation to help him until he finds his perfect home.