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5 years
6 lbs.
Domestic Short Hair
I've been adopted!

Clementine is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday. 

If you are interested in adopting her please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet her.

Sometimes, my sister Clarabelle asks me why I think it is that we haven’t found our Forever Home yet. I tell her I think it’s because that right human hasn’t yet come along who will truly appreciate how beautiful we are. We may not be special fancy breeds, I tell her, and we may not have flame points and odd eyes and long fluffy fur, but we are exquisite and unique in many ways that will appeal to that sort of sensitive human who looks beyond the surface to gaze deep into the soul of the cat. Clarabelle and I…we have very deep souls indeed.

We are no longer small like kittens, but we play with all the rambunctious zeal of them! I love to chase dangly things, and I like to use my trilling meow to talk to my toys while I play with them. My voice is tiny and delicate, totally unlike my big, exuberant personality! I crash into things while I play because I believe in playing hard! That includes crashing into my sister, because we always play together. I also enjoy spending time on our safely screened-in-deck, where I can watch bluebirds diving for insects and I can dream about diving for bluebirds. Lately, I’ve been helping the APRA staff keep the deck spic-n-span by bringing pieces of pine straw inside that get blown onto the decking. Clarabelle and I chase them all over the adult cat rooms…we love that they smell like the outdoors!

However, we don’t want to actually go outdoors anymore. Since we were kept outside in tiny cages by a hoarder throughout our entire kittenhood, we’ve had enough of being outside to last a lifetime. We prefer the feeling of being snug and safe inside, where our humans can love on us for many years to come. Because my sister and I went through so much together as kittens, we are deeply bonded now and must stick together, as family often does.

Even though humans weren’t nice to us in the beginning, we absolutely love people! Clarabelle says that’s because as cats, we are the epitome of resilience! We are lively, hilarious, very thoughtful and smart, gentle, and highly social. We love treats and being brushed, and I’ll even come and sit on your lap! But only for a little while…there’s far too much exploring and playing to do to spend life laying down!

If you’re looking for two cats to enrich your home with their very colorful personalities, then you’re the human we’ve been waiting for! Come and meet us!