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4 years
Great Dane
I've been adopted!

Daphne will be available for adoption beginning Sunday, May 13th. 

Her adoption fee is $350.

If you can't tell by the pictures, Daphne is a happy girl!  The one thing we could count on was that she was not only going to be smiling, but that tongue was going to be hanging out.   It was hard to get her to hold still for her photos for us to give you an idea of her size.  Being that she is fairly large, we have not been able to weigh her.  We do know that she will continue to grow and will be very big.  Daphne is still quite young and active.  She had been kept in a small holding pen at animal control for 10 days before we got her, so she is ready to romp now that she is free.

Daphne will need  an experienced large dog owner who can train her to be a well-behaved young lady.

What my vacation was like during the move:

Daphne has been a joy to have around this week! She is a very playful puppy and our 4 year old Briard Mix had fun trying to keep up with her. She is truly a sweetie, she followed me and my husband throughout the house, she is very people friendly and enjoys doing her Great Dane "lean" against humans.

Daphne improved walking on the leash over the course of the week, but she gets excited when she sees squirrels and birds - she will need more work to be fully leash trained. She slept in a crate through the night with no problem. Someone was always home over the course of the week, so I am not sure how she would do if crated while no one was home, but she seemed to like the crate and would rest in the crate on her own during the day. We kept her on a regular bathroom break schedule (about every 2 hours) and only had a few urine accidents that lessened once she got used to her surroundings. She is eager to please already knows how to "sit", especially when a treat is involved. This will be very helpful for training.

Daphne is such a loving dog. We will be sad to see her go but we know she will make her new family very happy.