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10 years
9 lbs.
I've been adopted!

Davey is in a foster home and at the shelter and available for adoption on Sundays.

Davey's story, told by his Foster Mom, Kris:

Sometimes a dog comes into your life who is very special. I remember the day I first saw Davey at the shelter. He looked totally overwhelmed and was trying to make himself invisible. I knew right then I wanted to foster him to help him find himself again and to be ready to share his life with a new family. Let me tell you a little about Davey. When he first came to the shelter he was several pounds over his “should be” weight and because he was white around his muzzle people thought he was a senior dog and probably wouldn’t move very fast. His website bio said “he has just enough pep in his step to take a short walk” – or so they thought. Well, I’m here to tell you that a new Davey is in town and his real story is that he has lost several pounds and is actually very svelte and has the doggie equivalent of a “six pack!”

What’s great about Davey (a VERY young 6 year old) is that he is very happy when he’s relaxing in his sunny spot on top of the sofa back where he can keep an eye on all the critters in the back yard…BUT this guy can also run like the wind! Davey loves to take walks in the woods (on leash of course) and he can do a 30 minute walk without breaking a doggie sweat. After I take him for a walk and we return to the house, he runs in at breakneck speed to find my husband and jumps up on his lap. It sure makes a guy (or girl) feel good to have that much attention come your way in 30 seconds.

Part of Davey’s plan to lose weight was to eat a reduced calorie kibble but to also “eat his veggies.” Davey gets so excited when I am preparing his meals and he dances on his hind legs and chatters when I get the broccoli out to add to the kibble. He dances on his hind legs all the way over to where I put his food bowl on the floor. ( I think he was a vegan in another life.)

What can I say about bedtime other than Davey will always find his way under the covers and sleep right by your side. He’s a little cold natured but once he’s under the covers he’s a little heat machine -- and he doesn’t come out until it’s time to get up in the morning. If there are still family members in bed after breakfast (and I’m not giving away any names) he loves to get back in bed for a few more ZZZZZs. If you adopt Davey there’s no more need to wear socks to bed in the winter – you can have your own little warming machine at the foot of the bed.

I don’t know too many other dogs who can sing, but this little guy can belt out Happy Birthday while you sing – he’s quite an addition to any birthday party. What might be holding Davey back is that he doesn’t do well around kids – but if you don’t have kids or grandkids in your life, he would be a great companion dog for you – very low maintenance, a bed buddy, an excellent walker on leash, don’t require much exercise, rarely barks, only has an occasional accident – and has the biggest brown eyes. If you feel drawn to Davey’s story come by the shelter to visit with him and see if he could be the dog of YOUR dreams.