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6 years
7 lbs.
I've been adopted!

Gabby is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

If you are interested in adopting her please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet her.

This sweetheart has the most unique and beautiful coloring.  She has that gorgeous white face and chest combined with little dark hairs throughout the tan areas of her coat.  Like all Chihuahuas, she can be a bit shy at first, but once she is comfortable she is happy to make your lap her home.  She walks well on leash, is crate trained, rides well in cars and really loves to love!

This sweet girl is a bundle of energy with a tail that is constantly wagging. She is a very happy girl despite her recent change in homes, she is very loving and playful. She absolutely adores playing with toys!  She is very happy to pick up a Nylabone and go lay on a Kurunda bed and chew away and occupy herself for a while.  She loves playing with other dogs, but is also really into snuggling.  If you are on the couch with a blanket, she prefers to be underneath it with you and in bed, she needs to be under the covers too! She loves her person and bonds easily. That's the Chihuahua in her.

This little snuggler is sure to sneak her way right into your heart. She will be happy in a home that dotes on her and gives her plenty of attention. She will reward you will unlimited tail wags and kisses.

What my foster family says about me:

We LOVE Gabby! She came to stay with us and we took her to the lake three weekends in a row. She had a blast and her tail never stopped wagging. She was great in the car on the two hour ride up and once we arrived, fit in perfectly. She enjoyed long pontoon boat rides, speed boat rides(watching her children ski), sunning herself on the dock and chasing our three dogs. There were lots of people around and she handled all the commotion very well and was not at all picky about which lap she chose. We even took her to an outdoor church service where there was singing and lots of people and she sat in my lap without making a peep. At night, she would snuggle deep under the covers with one of my two daughters - ages 9 and 11. Older children are definitely her preference - younger, smaller children can be a little scary at times!

If a new dog or new person came to the house, she would bark and bark - but if you picked her up, introduced her and reassured her that she was safe, she was fine. And as long as you take her outside on a regular schedule and remind her to do her business, she is very good about not having accidents in the house. Gabby has a heart of gold and a sweet little soul. All of our foster dogs are special, but sometimes one comes along that we become particularly attached and steals our hearts - Gabby is one of those and I know if you come to meet her, she will steal yours as well.