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8 years
17 lbs.
Corgi mix
I've been adopted!

Grayson is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday. 

What a phenomenal canine!  It is not unusual for dogs to jump up for attention, but Grayson knows better.  He keeps all 4 paws on the floor and will simply gaze up at you with his sweet eyes.  He is a true gentleman with excellent manners.  The only thing Grayson asks is that you play fetch with him on a daily basis.  He absolutely loves his toys.

Unfortunately, Grayson was not provided his monthly heartworm preventative and is Heartworm Positive as a result.  We will provide him with the treatment he needs to rid him of this awful parasite.  If you can help defray the costs of his medical care, please click on ‘Sponsor Me‘.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Grayson also came to us with a pellet from a bb gun lodged in his hind leg.  How this ended up there we do not know.  All we know is that Grayson is a wonderful boy that deserves nothing but the best.

Update 5/17/12:  Grayson has successfully completed his heartworm treatment and is ready to find his forever home.

What my vacation was like during the move:

Grayson is a friendly, sweet, and easy-going canine. We have had the pleasure of fostering this little guy during APRA's move to their new facility and our week with him has proved to be delightful.

We already have four animals in our house and Grayson added little to our workload. He doesn't ask for much - just some belly rubs, a tennis ball, and food and he'll be happy. Grayson is completely housebroken, doesn't chew on household items, and very rarely barks. He walks perfectly on a leash - right next to my legs - and is also happy running around in the backyard. He does seem to be curious about squirrels and cats and would like to chase them. He has gotten along very well with my two big dogs but I also think he wouldn't mind being the only dog in the house.

Grayson would probably fit in anywhere! I can't express how easy he is to take care of and how much love he gives in return. This is one solid dog.