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4 years
8 lbs.
Poodle mix
I've been adopted!

Jake is at the adoption center and available for adoption by appointment only.

We have finished accepting applications for Jake, we will be calling to set up appointments shortly.

If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How to Adopt” section.

Meet little Jake!  He's cute as a button and oh, so sweet.   If you are wondering why one of his legs is colored orange, it is because he's wearing a cast on his left rear leg.  Poor Jake was allowed to run loose after dark, and was hit by a car in a subdivision, sending him flying through the air.  A Good Samaritan went out to investigate the flying object and was surprised to see it was a tiny dog.

Jake was adopted from APRA last summer, and when his adopters were in the process of moving, they let a friend take care of Jake so he wouldn't get loose when the doors were opened to move furniture, etc. out of the house.  We received the phone call about Jake and went to pick him up when his adopters could not be reached that night.

Long story short, Jake has suffered a broken leg and a nasty wound on his inner thigh.  He will be cast-bound until the end of January and restricted to his cage for most of that time.  We won't know for a while what his final outcome will be, but Dr. Marguriet at Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic thinks he should heal with proper care and restricted movement.  Because Jake also had a very dirty wound as a result of his leg being ground into the pavement, he is taking antibiotics to prevent/treat infection in addition to medications to control swelling and pain.

Sadly, Jake's owners did not want to assume financial responsibility for Jake's medical care, so they returned him to APRA.  If you can help with the expenses of Jake's medical care, please click the "Sponsor Me" link above.  He will receive followup x-rays and multiple cast changings over the next few weeks as his healing progresses.

A big THANK YOU to  Dr. Marguriet for her excellent care and treatment of little Jake.

12.18.12:  Little Jake is as sweet as he can be.  He is eating well and tolerating life in a cage with a big donut around his neck.  He gets to go outside for potty breaks and then is back in his cage till his next outing.  I'm sure he doesn't understand the reason for his confinement, but never utters one sound in complaint.  I'd like to be able to give him more freedom, but it's a time for "tough love" and confinement for his well-being.

1/09/13:  Jake went in for his 3-week followup visit, and we are so happy to report that his broken leg is healing well.  Repeat x-rays show the break is "knitting" back together.  Doctor Marguriet replaced the splint on his leg and scheduled him for another re-check in three weeks (1/31/13).  At that time, if he 's lucky, the splint will be removed permanently, and he will slowly resume normal activity.  But for now, it's another three weeks of strict confinement and inactivity to let his bone continue healing.  Jake thanks all his sponsors and supporters!!

2/13/13: Jake got his cast off!! His leg is looking good and healing well, he will go for his next recheck on 2/20.  Stay tuned for updates!