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8 years
8 lbs.
I've been adopted!

Martin is available for adoption by appointment.

JULY IS ALL ABOUT THE 4!!  Martin's adoption fee is $244 and he comes with a free microchip July 3-31.

Martin is the sweetest little guy you will every meet.  He has had a rough journey up until this point and still has a few small hurdles to conquer before he can find his forever home.  Martin and his companions, Diane and Maris, were seized by animal control.  All of them were so horribly matted that they had to be sedated while they were shaved down.  Martin was in the worst shape.  His feet, belly, and groin were so urine scalded that he had scabs as a result.  Martin also had a nasty ulcer the size of a quarter on his chest that had to be closed surgically.  To top it off, his teeth were caked in tartar, and he had to have them cleaned, too.  Martin is understandably very uncomfortable but is on the road to recovery.

Martin is a fighter and still tries so hard to get your attention.  If you are sitting on the floor with him he will meander over slowly and climb into your lap.  Martin wants so badly to be loved and is eager to prove that he is worth loving and incredibly deserving of nothing but the best.

If you can help with Martin's' medical expenses, please click on the "Sponsor Me" link.  Your donation will be greatly appreciated.