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10 years
17 lbs.
I've been adopted!

Mio is in a foster home during the week, but he will be at our adoption center to meet you on Saturdays.

If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet him on Saturday.

Mio is a flying dog that was observed flying through the air when his former owners threw him from their moving car.  Luckily for Mio, a Good Samaritan witnessed the incident and rushed to Mio's aid.  She took Mio to Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic, where Dr. Merritt pronounced Mio to be healthy and unharmed by his horrible experience.

Mio's savior took him home and the entire family was immediately impressed by his loving nature and calm demeanor.  He got along well with their cats and the other dog in the household.  Mio loves to be held, walks nicely on leash and rides well in the car, they reported.

What my foster mom says about me:

Mio did nothing but sleep for a whole week when he first came to my home, but he has now recovered completely from his ordeal. He is a sensitive, sweet, playful, happy, and devoted friend. Mio is very low key in the house, quiet, and a perfect gentleman --- until the plush toys come out and then he's ready to wrestle and play! He is house-trained and trustworthy. He wants to be in the house and, as a Pekingese, also out of the heat with his thick coat. He even seems to enjoy having his face washed and his coat combed each day, knowing that you are caring for him.

Mio gets along just fine with my pack and has an increasing interest in playing tag and tug-of-war with anyone, dog or human, willing play. He has become great buddies with two of my boys --- a Pekingese and a Chihuahua. He enjoys their company and is content to be nearby chewing on his bone. He loves to be with his people at all times and adores going for walks or rides in the car. He would not do well with seniors or young children as he can be very mouthy when in play mode and is also an expert door-darter.

Mio is an absolute prince and in fact, I think of him as a Prince Charming. He is so well behaved and very smart -- he knows exactly what he wants. He endears himself every day by jumping up on the sofa and plopping across your lap for a snooze. He has moved his bed to be closer to my desk chair and he will even go to our bakers rack and bring you his leash when he's ready for a walk! Mio is a pleasure to have with us and we adore him. ~ Claire