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4 years
19 lbs.
Dachshund mix
I've been adopted!

Mitch is included in our Last Blast of Summer promotion!

Mitch is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

Mitch comes with a special surprise at adoption.  Come in to meet him today!!!

Mitch is such a cute combination of Dachshund and something else, maybe Labrador?  Who knows, but whatever he is a mix of, it gives him a wonderful personality to match his fantastic looks.  He has a glossy, shiny black coat that shimmers in the sunlight.  He loves every dog he meets and loves to share his toys.  He also loves playing fetch.  It is always what he wants to do when a person comes around.  He can be shy at first when meeting new people.  He has a big bark for being a little guy, but it's all noise.  Give him a few treats and throw a toy, and you've got a friend for life.

Mitch spent some time in a foster home with two children ages 8 and 10 and they said he did wonderfully with them.  He will need time to get to know new people that enter his home, but once he feels comfortable with them, he will do great.  He is doing wonderfully with his crate training.  Our Training Team is working hard with him and having him regularly practice: sit, touch, stay and his leash walking.  He is excelling at all of them.  He is sure to be the star of his basic obedience class!

Mitch is a wonderful boy that is a little shy.  He needs a home who understands how much he wants to love everyone, but it just takes some time.  He is a joyful, loving, playful boy searching for a home to give him forever.  If you can give Mitch the home that he has been searching for, come visit him today.  He is sure to pay you back in love and happiness!

Note from his Dog Buddy 8/13/12 :  Mitch is amazing!  He has gone to different places of business with me.  He is always going up to new people and wanting to say hi.  He rides well in the car.  He loves treats and will sit very well for them!  He walks well on a harness and leash and enjoys sniffing around where-ever he goes!  What a fun guy to know!!