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6 years
8 lbs.
Shih Tzu
I've been adopted!

Molly is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

She is not currently at the shelter.

Miss Molly was given up by her former family because they were not able to provide her the care she needs.  Molly was so badly matted that the folks at animal control took her to a groomer to get all her matted hair shaved away.

What was left was not a pretty sight.  Poor Molly had oozing sores on both sides of her rib cage and on the outsides of both shoulders.  She must have been miserable for a very long time.  Molly received a soothing medicated bath immediately on intake at APRA, and is taking oral antibiotics to help her infected skin heal.  She's happy to be getting better, and when her fur grows back, she will be a beauty.  If you can help defray the cost of Molly's medical care, please click on the "Sponsor Me" link.  Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

What my foster mom says about me:

9/7/12:  Molly is a happy girl, and her body language says a constant "yippee". "Yippee you are home, I will do my happy dance. Yippee, I see my chew bone across the room. I will run to it as fast as I can and skid when I stop. Yippee, it's dinner time. See how all four of my feet are off the floor while I wait for my plate. Yippee, the big cushy bed is empty. I will race to be sure Boudreaux doesn't beat me to it".

Molly is sweet and eager to please. I think she could be happy as an only dog, but she really enjoys her furry friends too.