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6 years
12 lbs.
Poodle Mix
I've been adopted!

Finley is available for adoption and is currently at our adoption center.

If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet him.

Poor little Finley was huddled, a soaking mess of fur when we first saw him at animal control.  He looked completely forlorn and sad.  He would barely look up at us when we approached him, but once we picked him up, he leaned into us as if to say, "oh please take me away".

After he had a bath that washed away all the evidence of his former life, he was a happy boy!  No more fleas, no more tangles and briars in his coat; Finley was a changed dog.  Finley seems happiest when he has another dog pal to play with.  Alone, Finley was a very fussy eater, turning his nose up to gently poached chicken breast and even filet mignon.  Put him with another dog and he practically eats dirt.  He is such a little stinker!

Finley was adopted several months ago and returned recently because he became ill and his former adopter could not afford veterinary care for him.  He has been hospitalized with a possible obstruction in his digestive tract.  This would be the result of eating something that got stuck in his intestinal tract and is preventing any further digestion of food.  On the other hand, it could be the result of eating fatty table scraps and damaging his pancreas.  Neither of these situations is desirable.  His condition is guarded at this time.

Finley needs your help and support.  If you can make a donation in any amount to help with his medical bills, it would be greatly appreciated.