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4 years
3.5 lbs.
Domestic Medium Hair
I've been adopted!

Rumble is available for adoption beginning Sunday, December 9th.

If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet him.

Rumble entered our shelter a couple of weeks ago and immediately went into foster care and he quickly got adjusted to living in a home. His foster mom cannot stop raving about him and how wonderful he is!

"He might be the sweetest kitten we have had. Rumble has an adorable face, and is very soft, so he is very easy to snuggle with, which matches his personality. He loves to snuggle and purr all night long. He prefers to be cradled like a baby, or find a very inopportune place to sleep on you, like right under your chin or on your shoulder, anywhere where he is close. He cannot get enough love, which is easy to give since he is the sweetest kitten.  While not the dominant one with other kitties, he is not afraid to instigate  a play session with his playmates. He seems quite content with a toy and a human to sleep on."

Love the cat, but now is not the time to adopt? Click on the “Sponsor Me” button and make a tax deductible donation to sponsor Rumble.