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7 years
17 lbs.
Schnauzer Blend
I've been adopted!

Shotzy is not currently available for adoption, but would love to meet you at the adoption center.

If you are interested in adopting him please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet him.

Shotzy has an adoption pending.

Schnauzers are loyal, smart, loving and intelligent.  Shotzy fits all of those characteristics perfectly!

He is a social and loving boy who is ready to be dedicated to the family that adopts him.  He walks so well on leash and is learning his basic obedience very quickly.  His foster family has another dog at home, and he does very well with him.  Shotzy enjoys playing with toys like his tennis ball, rope toy and Kong.

Shotzy loves people and truly enjoys their company.  The great thing about him is he doesn't have to be right on top of you or right in your lap.  He is more of an "around" boy.  He wants to be around you and enjoy your presence.  He is so great, he even sleeps in a dog bed on the floor at night.

Shotzy has a huge heart and a dazzling personality.  He wants so desperately to share it with a family all of his own!