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11 years
8 lbs.
Siamese Munchkin
I've been adopted!

Sophie is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

Sophie's story is a bit sad but things are looking brighter for this sweet girl every day. Originally adopted as a young kitten, her owner recently encountered some severe health issues and could no longer care for Sophie so she came back to us. Sophie spent all of her life as an only cat and probably didn't meet many people as she grew up. So as you can imagine, her world was turned upside down 7 years later when all she had was taken from her.

Initially upon coming back to us, Sophie appeared to be very sad and lonely. She got sick, didn't eat well and stayed hidden in a cubby hole most of the time. Now after getting to know us for a couple of weeks, she comes out, talks to us and is very affectionate. Because Sophie lived her entire life as an only cat, we think she would do best in a quiet household where she is the only pet.

It's hard to see in the picture but in addition to being a beautiful Siamese, she is also part Munchkin and has very short little front legs. She looks quite adorable when walking around so low to the ground! Please come out to meet this sweet girl and give her a second chance at a loving home.