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5 years
39 lbs.
Collie Blend
I've been adopted!

Suki is taking some time off from adoptions to spend time in a foster home.

If you are interested in adopting her please see our “How to Adopt” section.

Suki is a TV star! Click HERE to see her appearance on CBS Better Mornings!

Suki is certain to make you feel like you are the whole world and that there is no one more important than you.  Who doesn't need that kind of confidence boost?!?!

Suki had a tough life, before joining us at APRA.  We believe she lived her whole life tied to a tree.  While tied to a tree, all she knew how to do was bark and jump at things, good or bad.  To keep herself safe, she had to bark and jump at people, other animals, anything!!  She wasn't socialized properly and learned to fear new things.  We're so glad Suki ended up with us.

Over the months that she has been a part of the APRA family, Suki has made huge strides with her confidence and trust.  She works daily (sometimes more than once a day!) with her staff and volunteer pals.  She has learned to not be so reactive to everything and learned to trust new people, especially men.  While Suki is clearly a ladies' girl, she does love men, once she gets to know them.  She is one of the most intelligent and loyal dogs you will have the pleasure of knowing.  She makes you feel like you are the best dog trainer in the world, when really it is because she is so willing to learn and please you!

Suki rides fantastically in cars and is perfectly house and crate trained.  She has spent some time in a foster home and they report she is a true gem at home!  She doesn't want to get on the furniture, just hang out with you.  While some things in the house scare her (like the blender) she will work through her fears with a patient family.

Suki has waited entirely too long for the love of her life to come along and take her home.  She will fill your heart with more joy and love than you ever knew possible.  Don't let Suki spend the holidays alone...

Suki's Training Notes:

  • Very intelligent - does agility very well
  • Knows sit, stay, down and SHAKE:)
  • House trained
  • Crate trained