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8 years
5 lbs.
Long Hair Chihuahua
I've been adopted!

Tori is available for adoption by appointment.

This little lady is amazing!  Tori is all Chihuahua, wanting nothing more to be with her person.  One of her favorite activities is burrowing under blankets and snuggling.  She also tries to guard her person from other dogs no matter their size.  She is a tough girl with the cutest little 'not-so-tough-sounding' bark.

Tori has made great strides since we picked her up from animal control.  Initially, she was not very mobile.  She was not able to hold her body up and could not walk but a few steps.  We had x-rays done and ruled out several possibilities.  She does not have an apparent spinal injury or brain damage.  Unfortunately, because we do not know her history it is hard to pin-point the cause of her trauma.  Tori has been prescribed a steroid in conjunction with other medications that have helped her make significant improvement.  She is much more mobile, but it is likely that she will have to be on medication for the rest of her life.   Tori is a fighter and will continue to do so.  The next step for her is find a forever home that can provide her with the ongoing love and care she deserves.