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8 years
17 lbs.
I've been adopted!

Tucker is available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday. 

Underneath his overgrown and matted coat of hair is a sweet and handsome boy waiting to make your acquaintance.  Tucker has been getting along just fine with the other dogs.  He has yet to show us his playful side and seems much more interested in making friends with us humans.  Being that he is a typical vocal Schnauzer he would not be good for apartment or condo living.

Don't be surprised by the contrast between Tucker's "before" and "after" photos.  His matted coat had to be shaved completely so he can start anew with a proper Schnauzer coat. Once it grows back he will be a very handsome dog, but for now, he's pitiful looking.

What my foster mom says about me:

6/8/12:  Tucker is the sweetest, most loving little Schnauzer ever! He has the perfect personality fit for any dog-loving family, especially if there aren't rambunctious little children around.

Tucker's perfect day would be to wake up near you, go on peaceful outdoor strolls with you, sit next to or by you while you work and he sleeps, and end the day, again, near you. He's the most wonderful little shadow anyone could ask for! He'll try to protect you if he senses danger (he emits a very low, soft growl if he sees a bigger dog up the road), but he's just a big ol' softie that wants to cuddle with you.

He is perfectly housebroken and rarely barks except to tell you how excited he is to see you. He will cry and whine the first few times you leave him alone, but he's just worried that you won't come back for him, so when you do, all is well in the world for him.

Please think about meeting him if you have a peaceful household and wish to continue to keep it that way! He loves all human attention but most of all, he would just love you.