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4 years
3.5 lbs.
I've been adopted!

Tumble is available for adoption beginning Sunday, December 9th.

If you are interested in adopting her please see our “How to Adopt” section and come in to meet her.

Tumble had a rough beginning to her life so we knew when we took her in to our adoption center, life was looking better for her. Found by a kind citizen after she was thrown out of an SUV, we were lucky to be able to help out and take her in. Luckily, the car was barely moving when they dumped her so Tumble was not injured.

Upon becoming an APRA kitten, she entered one of our foster homes. Her foster mom cannot say enough good things about her.

"Tumble is very playful, whether she finds a shoestring on a tied shoe that she wants to untie or a stuffed mouse that is looking at her funny, or whether with a playmate, she plays and plays until it’s ready to snuggle up with a person and fall asleep. She loves to sleep on a lap preferably, but will nuzzle her way in wherever she can fit. She is very sweet tempered. She likes to greet people at the door with a few laps in between the legs. She was the more mature kitten compared to Rumble, and likes to take care of those around her."

Love the cat, but now is not the time to adopt? Click on the “Sponsor Me” button and make a tax deductible donation to sponsor Tumble.