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4 years
2 lbs.
Domestic Shorthair
I've been adopted!

Wyatt is  available for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

Wyatt is a sweet playful boy who loves to wrestle and play with his litter mates. He is a typical kitten, playing hard and then taking long naps curled up with his siblings. Wyatt is looking for a forever home with his best friend Macy. They make a perfect pair as Wyatt is confident and outgoing and Macy is a bit more reserved. Even with their differences, they became quickly bonded when Wyatt's litter mates got adopted. They love to play and wrap their arms around  each other to snuggle and take a kitty nap!

What my friends say about me:

If you are looking for a kitten who will keep you entertained, Wyatt is your guy. He can keep himself entertained for hours with his toys (his favorite is the ball in the plastic circle) and is like the energizer bunny. When all the other kittens are pooped out, Wyatt is still going. When he finally slows down, he loves to snuggle with his pal Macy. Come meet this adorable pair....they  are irresistible.

P.S. Don't you just love the single white whisker!

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