Lily (FKA Greta Garbo)

Lily (FKA Greta Garbo)

Greta Garbo, now Lily, is doing very well!  She is really sweet and is doing well with house training – only a few accidents, which were our fault.  She seems to be a very smart dog.  She is healing from her surgery and does not have any issues from that.  We are taking her to our vet this Saturday to check on any other issues.greta

We don’t have any behavioral issues at this time.  She fits in well with our family so far, and we are enjoying getting to know her.  She loves chew toys, riding in the car and being with her family!  She also likes her big brother, and he seems to be getting used to her.

Fawkes (FKA Chrome)

Things are going so great!! Chrome is now his middle name and his first name is Fawkes named after Guy Fawkes and the Phoenix from Harry Potter! We are so in love with him and he is just getting so much love and attention. His favorite toy is a stuffed goose and he’s still learning how to fetch and walk on a leash. Potty training is going splendid. He totally knows his spot outside and hasn’t had a mistake in over a week, but we are really on top of watching him and if we see any signs we rush him out. We love him. At this point I don’t think we have any questions. We took him to the vet and all looked great also. Thanks for finding him for us. Here is a recent photo!

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Miki (FKA Tessa)

Thank you for your message.  Miki (Tessa) is doing great!  Within 24 hours my husband and I both said she seemed as though she had always lived with us.  It was amazing how she just settled right in and “took over!”  Two of the cats scattered and hid but the third (the oldest) just sat and looked at him.  She took to him right away.  See the attached picture of her and Kimba napping.  Sierra has adopted her and they nap together all the time – also see attached photo of the two of them!  She knew her new name within an hour and she seems house broken from the beginning, going to the door and then looking back like saying “let me out please.”  She zooms to the yard, does her thing and zooms back like she might be missing something.  She plays and plays and then just drops for a nap and then up and playing again.  The other two cats took about three days and now just ignore her.  She did develop a cough within 24 hours by Tuesday afternoon and we took her to the vet who after checking her said it was probably just irritation from the anesthesia tube from her surgery, but it continued and we took her back and our vet double checked to be sure there was no pneumonia and said she was fine and to be on the safe side started her on an antibiotic for any secondary respiratory or throat infection, and medication for the cough.  It’s working because already her cough is almost gone.  Today was the first day it hasn’t rained so we went to the Doggie Park and she ran and ran and ran!  Just had a ball!  We want to thank you and the staff for all be so very nice and helpful and we know we made the right choice picking her!


Tessa2 Tessa

Sissy at home!

It’s been almost two weeks now. We are thrilled to report that Sissy, now Maisy, is fitting right in. She is playing with the family, loves her long walks, eating much better, her kennel cough is much better, and is having fun training. She even made a friend with a neighbor dog. Thank you for helping us! When we are ready for a buddy for Maisy we’ll be back.


Sissy1 Sissy2 Sissy3

Carly Ruth

Thanks for reaching out. Carly is doing wonderful! She’s been behaving beautifully and I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better dog for our family. No concerns at this point, she’s quickly become adjusted to our home and a member of the family :).

Carly3 Carly2 Carly1

Higgins (FKA Hingus McCringleberry)

Higgins is doing wonderful.  He’s a happy boy and we’re all getting along great.  He especially likes our 9 year old terrier mix, Beanie, and they play together for hours.  It has brought out a new side of her that I’ve never seen before.

He is totally potty trained.  Just a minor accident on the first day which is to be expected.  He is behaving great and sleeping through the night in the bed with us.

We are so happy we adopted him.  He is a great additional to our happy family.  Thanks for checking in.