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Chester (Lister)

Since adopting Chester (Lister was I his previous name) in Dec of 2014, my wife and I have moved to Anchorage, Alaska and he has taken it like a trooper. Glaciers, mountains, snow… He loves all of it. Thank you all! Here he is training for the Iditarod.  – Jay

Frank- Happy Tales

About 6 years ago, I got Kobe the chug (now Frank) from you guys. Here’s the YouTube video you posted that sold me on him: He’s has been a best friend of mine and a dog everyone loves, and my girlfriend submitted him to Good Housekeeping and he got in! Check it out! (It says … Continue reading Frank (f.k.a. Kobe)

Ginger & Carter

A once shy girl, has found her way, and after 4 months of living with her new brother Carter, she can say I am home for good. Such a shy girl and afraid of her own shadow, when she came home, Ginger has proven herself to be a vital part of our little family. All … Continue reading Mayflower adopted 12/6/2015~ Now Virginia May (Ginger)


In the summer of 2003, we adopted a pair of 2-year-old beagle sisters from a rescue group and we named them Lucy and Sally. Introducing them to our home proved to be difficult and, more than once, we thought about giving up, but we persevered and they eventually became beloved members of our family. The … Continue reading How Our New Rescue Dog Saved Our Old Dog’s Life … Twice!


Just wanted to wish my little angel a happy adoption day! I adopted Sugar (formerly Ruby) today in 2010. Today marks 6 years of best-friendship! ❤️????


In 2013 I adopted Penny (fka Penelope) from you guys. At the time I was 22, and y’all weren’t so sure about letting someone as young as me adopt a pup. Thank you for trusting me, because Penny and I have been inseparable ever since her adoption day. I sometimes think about what would have … Continue reading Penny


Just a note to let you know we are so happy with our little fur ball!  And if her disposition is any indication, I think she’s happy with us as well. She seemed rather timid when we arrived home, kinda clingy, but when our daughter and her 3 girls arrived, puppy acted so happy.  Very … Continue reading Cocoa (formerly Peppermint Bark)


We just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays and say thank you for everything you did for our Sirius! He has been such an amazing addition to our little family. He loves going hiking with us and playing with his doggy cousins. When we saw Sirius on your website we immediately fell in love. … Continue reading Sirius

Wally has seen far too many cats come and go. He sees the crates and he must know. It’s sad to see him climb inside and to have to tell him it’s not his time. He’s a big boy he never cries, but we see the sadness in his eyes. Coming soon we hope to … Continue reading Wally – Home for the Holidays

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