Do you want a chance to make a real difference in the lives of these animals?

We always need volunteers to help out at the shelter. However, there is one very special volunteer opportunity that gives you the chance to really help out on a personal level. Fostering:

  • offers puppies and kittens a safe place to grow until they are available for adoption
  • gives sick or injured animals a quiet home where they can recover from medical treatments
  • allows our animals to gain even more socialization than they would at our facility
  • provides us with additional information about our animals to help us find a great match for their forever homes

We always need more foster homes for our dogs and pups, cats and kittens!

Is it hard to give them up when they are adopted by a new family?

Sure. But it is also gives you a sense of pride knowing that you have helped a wonderful animal find a home. A little pain at parting; a lot of pleasure in knowing you have made a difference. And another life is saved!

What is involved in fostering a pet?

Mainly your time and your love. You would bring one of our pets into your home and give it love, care and nurturing while we look for its adoptive home. Each week, you would communicate with the shelter about how your pet is doing both physically and socially. Then, on Saturday or Sunday, you would bring the pet to the shelter for adoptions.

We will provide all the food and equipment necessary for the animal’s good health and will administer medical care as needed including vaccination boosters, monthly heartworm prevention and flea preventative.

What is required to become a foster home?

  • You must be an active APRA Volunteer
  • You must have common sense.
  • You must be able to provide love, care and nurturing.
  • You must provide a pet-proofed home.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the Volunteer Application Form. You will be invited to our next general orientation which will be followed by a shadow training session. After becoming a full APRA Volunteer, you will need to submit a foster application and then come to the shelter for an in-person foster interview. Additionally, there is paperwork and a home visit required by the Department of Agriculture.

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