Volunteer Orientation

We are scheduling our Volunteer Orientations twice a month and the session usually lasts approximately one hour. The sessions fill up fast!

Following these steps:

Step 1. You reviewed the opportunities within our Volunteer Program. If no, click Volunteer Program.

Step 2. You completed an application.If no, click Volunteer Application Form.

Step 3. You received a personal invite from our Volunteer Coordinator to attend a session.

Please allow up to three business days after submitting your application to receive an invite. If three business days have passed and you have not received an invite, then send an inquiry with your name and the date you completed your application to volunteers@atlantapetrescue.org.

Have all the above steps been completed?

If no, complete any steps that were missed.

If yes, then the personal invite you received from our Volunteer Coordinator (in Step 3) will provide a link with the orientation schedule. Please click on the link to sign up for an orientation session. You can pay the $10 application fee (anything but AmEx or check) when you attend the session which is held in our shelter at:

4874 S Atlanta Rd SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

We look forward to meeting you!

Questions? Email volunteers@atlantapetrescue.org