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VIP (Very Important Pet) – Shelby

Shelby is a 9-12 month old, 18 pound Sheltie mix. Shelby came to Atlanta Pet Rescue from an outlying animal control facility where she had been picked up by animal control after she and several other dogs were abandoned in a vacant house with no food or water. Most of the dogs were euthanized because they were completely terrified of humans. Shelby was spared, though, because she showed promise of being sweet and affectionate towards humans.

Shelby has been afraid of most everything, and will need an experienced and very patient owner to help her learn about the world. Shelby will accept attention and affection, and even moves towards you when you stop petting her. We think she is young enough to turnaround and become a great family pet. She has very pretty markings and soft fur. Shelby is in a foster home learning how to enjoy the comforts of a nice, warm home and human companionship.

Foster report 4/6/09: Shelby is making her way to becoming a big snuggle bunny as her confidence grows and she learns the joys of having a secure home. It’s great to see her wagging her tail, joining the pack wherever it is, and wanting to play with me. She is getting along wonderfully with her foster siblings and did great at doggie daycare. She does not yet understand playing with other dogs or toys but she will most likely get there in two to three weeks. She still flinches at at loud noises and we still are working on house training, leash walking, and trying to learn to eat out of a dog dish. So far she will eat her food only if I put it directly on the floor. Shelby loves affection and is beginning to come when I call her. She is losing some of the ready-to-flee-at-any-moment stances though she does have her “safe places” that she goes to when she is unsure. She is incredibly sweet and adorable with that underbite and her coat color is stunningly beautiful. Shelby will need a person who is patient and willing to wait for the big payoff of having her complete devotion.

Foster update 6/5/09: Shelby is making great strides in learning the joys of being a dog and having a home. She now plays with toys- although toys that squeak scare her-with my dogs and with me. She loves to snuggle and play in the morning and she consistently wakes up around 6am. She is making progress with the housebreaking but she needs to be taken out on a consistent schedule to not have accidents. She has learned to sit and is food and praise motivated. She has a long way to go with respect to walking on a leash. She will walk on a leash in the backyard for about 5 minutes. Outside the gate and on the sidewalk is another matter. It just seems like all the sensory information overwhelms her and after about 5 minutes freezes. So, this is something that will take a patient person to help her overcome her fears. Shelby is scared of unfamiliar noises. While quite affectionate, she has to be approached slowly. She is a wonderful companion and totally adorable-especially when she goes into a play bow or “talks” (not barks) to get your attention.

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