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Bo, the Boxer!

Bo, the Boxer!Dear Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption,

My husband and I waited for years until the time was right to adopt a dog and complete our family. We feel so lucky to have met Bo at APRA, a goofy two year old boxer who has us smiling and laughing every day. He loves to play with his toys, cuddle, run around outside in circles, hug, take naps, eat, wrestle, wiggle his butt and enjoy life – everything that we love too!

We always think of how hard it must have been for the family who couldn’t take care of Bo anymore to give him to APRA for adoption – he is such a lovable and perfect boy. We just want the family to know that he is well loved and taken care of!

Also, thank you to APRA for being so great! You guys made the entire experience easy and gave us all the support and info we needed to take care of Bo from the start. I love checking back in on your website and we will always be supporters!

Sarah, Eliot and Bo

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