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HollyDear Atlanta Pet Rescue and Randy Veal,

I always wanted a large dog, and then I went to Atlanta Pet Rescue’s web and saw Holly. I was skeptical at first when I read from her profile that she had limited vision, but eventually I decided to take a chance and go see her. All that I had to say afterwards was that Holly had been a dream come true. She was a little nervous when I first brought her home. My first dog was also not use to a second dog in the home. There was a lot for all three of us to get use to.

Now, it’s been over six months since I adopted Holly in October and she has been a blessing. Holly’s impaired vision doesn’t slow her down the least bit, even beating me up the stairs many times. She and Gucci, my first dog, get along wonderfully now and enjoy one another’s company in our backyard and inside the house while I’m away from home.

Holly loves to go jogging with me and run off leash at the grass field in our community. The joy on her face as she looks over at me with her tongue hanging to the side and one ear flopped over after rolling around in the grass always brings a smile to my face. At home, Holly wants nothing more than to be with me, whether it’s knowing that I’m in the same room with her or leaning right next to me with her head in my lap.

I love Holly so much! What she lacks in sight, she makes up in love. I could not have found a better dog. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring her home. I hope that all the pets at Atlanta Pet Rescue will find a forever home and be as happy as Holly is.

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