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Velvet ht
Hi! It’s me, Velvet.

I wanted to let you know that I’m doing great. Mom says I’m the best and she even takes me to school! I go to Pint Size Class and Mom just keeps giving me treats while she acts silly and claps when I do somethng she likes. But I just humor her and eat the treat. I have lots of new friends too. I like Dezi and Pooh the best.

When we come home I get to teach my sister Maesey how to do things so she can get treats too. She’s too big to go to Pint Size Class.

Sometimes we visit family in Florida. That’s my most favorite thing to do. My Aunt thinks I’m a cutie and she sneaks me nibbles of whatever she’s cooking. I stay right in front of the stove so she doesn’t have to look for me.

I miss my Foster Mom and I hope I can see her again. Tell everyone I said “Paws Up!”

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