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Hello Atlanta Pet Rescue and to our amazing counselor Kris!

Some things are just ‘meant to be’ and that was the case with Anthony.  Our 5 year old spotted his pic while we were looking online and announced ‘that’s my dog’.  When we arrived on Saturday to meet Anthony, he was already with someone else who was just about to put the pen to paper and take Anthony home.

We patiently waited as Kris brought several other possibilites for us to meet/play with; but our sons were convinced that Anthony was for them.

We were preparing to tell our boys that Anthony was meant to have a happy life with someone else, when Kris whispered to us that the other possible adoptive family had passed on Anthony and asked if we’d like to meet him. After interacting with him, we knew that our 5 year old was right – Anthony was ‘our dog’.

We brought Anthony home and had an ‘all boy’ camp out his first night (my husband, Anthony, and my 2 sons); now Anthony is always with one of us-playing fetch, napping, going for walks, taking a car ride or just following us around (when our boys are not carrying him!).  He’s super sweet and super smart!

I wanted to thank you for the honest description of him on your website and the feedback from his foster home; it was spot on! We felt as if we knew Anthony before we ever met him.

A special thank you to Kris who allowed our sons to also sign Anthony’s adoption papers; both of our sons were adopted and it meant so much to them to ‘continue’ the gift of adoption by bringing Anthony home.

Best wishes for many more happy adoptions!

Best regards,
Dana D.

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  1. Ghoe
    Posted 4/26/12 at 3:22 am | Permalink

    Aaaawww! How sweet… I also love Anthony and had a baby girl that I adopted look just like anthony but a female version of him. :-) Love my baby girl, sasha!! Super sweet and smart dog.

  2. Donna
    Posted 5/2/12 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    Love the adoption connection that your boys have with Anthony. God’s plan is adoption and your boys and dog are blessed!

  3. Hilary
    Posted 5/14/12 at 4:48 pm | Permalink

    I am a Saturday volunteer and remember your adorable boys waiting patiently to see what would happen. So glad it worked out! What a super cute family!

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