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The Morris Bandon Girl Scout Troop, #3735, a group of fifth graders decided to help the dogs and cats of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoptoin.  They raised money (a total of $509.78) doing lemonade stands, candy sales, extra chores, babysitting, and/or dog walking.  This was their community service project for the year, outside of school.  They chose the Atlanta Pet Rescue because they knew at least one girl had gotten her dog, Coco, there and they also wanted a no-kill shelter.

Two of the girls specifically, Drew and Avery, were in charge of this meeting/visit and they helped their moms gather information for the troop about the APR (and our move!) to distribute to everyone.  The moms also asked the girls to make dog treats if they wanted.  A recipe Drew and Avery found at www.allrecipes.com for a sweet potato/peanut butter was one that looked good. :)




The girls were delighted as they met with our dogs and cats. Our favorite quote of the day was when we asked one of the girl’s how she raised the money and she said, “from my parents’ wallet.”


A huge thank you to Girl Scout Troop #3735 and to all the girls: Drew, Leah, Callie, Franny, Bay, Megan, Keely Lila, Ansley, Maysie,  Colie,  Avery, Alex, and Parker.

A shout out also goes to Troop Leader, Mom Becky, Mom Dell, and Mom Meg!

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