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Money doesn’t grow on Cat Trees!

We all wish money grew on CAT trees. But since it doesn’t we are having a campaign to raise money to buy cat trees for our new shelter. We are planning to get Crijo cat trees which are the best for the kitties. They last a long time (5-7 years), give hidey holes for the cats for security, and give them the ability to climb high up to give them some private time.

We hope you can help and donate to our Cat Tree fund. Crijo cat trees help keep the kitties happy and healthy and we are hoping all of our generous supporters and kitty lovers will help us raise the money. We need doggie lovers too!

Click DONATE if you would like to help out our cats. Please make a notation in the box that you want your donation to go for Cat Trees. We are also planning to build custom shelves for the cats to have lots of places to go in the room. Money raised will also help with the building of shelves.


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