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Sophie (formerly Azalea)

My husband and I have always been fans of Pet Rescue. When we moved to Atlanta, almost 5 years ago, we posted an ad on Craig’s List to sell the sofa we brought with us from New York. I received an email from Atlanta Pet Rescue asking if we would be interested in donating it for an Auction you were having. The profits would help their many rescued dogs and their shelter. We happily donated our sofa and other items. Helping homeless pets has always meant so much to us.

It was then that we were introduced to Atlanta Pet Rescue and we have remained huge supporters throughout the years.

This past December, my best friend, Lati, my sweet sixteen year old little blonde mixed terrier rescue, passed away. It took us a while, but on March 4, 2012, my husband and I had the privilege of visiting Atlanta Pet Rescue. Once again, this would be the greatest day of my life: rescuing a pet and from Atlanta Pet Rescue. We fell in love with so many dogs, two in particular and Dana and Kris were very helpful and patient with us. We chose Sophie (Azalea) and she is a love of ours. She loves our dog Byron and shows it by washing his face and body with kisses daily. She slept in our bed the first night and has been an absolute pleasure. We play ball with her every night and take long walks together. She also greets you by putting her paws on your shoulder and giving you wet kisses. Sophie is a gift – she is our latest child and sister to Byron, our 7 year old amazing large breed Chihuahua.

Thanks to Atlanta Pet Rescue for being a phenomenal organization!

~Bettina & Evan

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