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I’ve been convinced since the day I brought Emmett home that he was meant to be mine. Emmett is perfect for me because I am the biggest worry wart, and he calms me. He makes me laugh on tough days. He amazes me with his sweet nature. Captain Emmett has many nicknames, but one that sticks most is “Mellow Fellow.” He is the most mellow little dog. He plays, but chills out most of the time. He is a polite lap dog and expert cuddler. When Emmett is excited, he drags himself across the floor or grass, using just one leg to propel himself around. It is one of the most adorable things ever. When we get home, after he goes potty, he comes back up ready to go inside. If we tease him by standing there and cooing at him, he does a short little howl like, “Rowwwwr roo!” We call him the Little Wolf, because though he’s tiny, he looks like a wolf. He loves to chase chipmunks out back with our big dog, who doesn’t usually pay attention to little dogs but enjoys Emmett’s company. He’s my travel buddy. He hops right into the car and sits contentedly while I drive. Emmett’s been with me to work. One of the things I love most about Emmett is how happy he is to meet people, especially children. Watching him play with my nephew warms my heart like nothing else. He has no trouble meeting other animals; he grins at them and stays by me. The only thing Emmett does that isn’t cute is roll in red clay. He loves the stuff, and almost every day I come home to find him covered in it. I just laugh it off and give him a bath; did I mention he is perfect in the bath?

I can never thank APRA enough for what they do and how they do it.  They make absolutely sure these animals are going to the right home and will never be hurt or mistreated again. I will always support APRA. Thank you a million times over  for protecting and caring for my Mellow Fellow.  I am so incredibly happy, and Emmett has so enriched my life. ~Katie C.

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  1. Carmen
    Posted 9/28/12 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

    Katie C.,

    I’m a volunteer at Atlanta Pet Rescue and Emmett was one of my all time favorites. I’m so happy to hear he is in a loving home being spoiled! I’m so happy he brings you so much joy!


  2. Patty
    Posted 11/12/12 at 5:19 pm | Permalink

    It warms my heart like nothing else to hear that there are so many wonderful loving people in this world that adore, treasure and love their animals. I’m right there with you. Keep these beautiful stories coming :)

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