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Hi APRA Family!! – My name’s Tiffany (I’m on the right in the photo, sitting next to Harley) and none of you saw me on the website because my mommy whisked me out of the shelter the day I came in!!  Mommy volunteers at the shelter and was there the day Aunt Judy brought me in from animal control.  My daddy saw me that day too and had commented on how pretty I was.  Mommy was giving me a bath and noticed that I had bite wounds all over my body and she told Aunt Judy that I couldn’t stay at the shelter.  She brought me home with her to recover.  Mommy and Daddy weren’t sure about having a 3rd dog but they sure did love me from the minute they saw me.  After a couple of weeks when they saw that my brother Harley was OK with me (I took an antler from him and he didn’t care), they decided they couldn’t let me be adopted by anyone but them!  I sure am happy in my home and I love sleeping in the big bed with Mommy, Daddy, Harley, and Pebbles!  I love my Gran’s dog Tater too.  Tater and Gran come over to visit so we can play.  Mommy brought me to the shelter for a visit a while back and lots of people wanted to adopt me!  I had to tell them I was already spoken for!

Thanks for all you do to help kids like me get out of animal control and find our forever homes.  We really do appreciate it!!! ~ XOXO, Tiffany (aka Tiffy-Loo)

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