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Bitsy (formerly Bindi)

We adopted Bitsy in January 2011 when she was 9 months old, a few days before the BIG snow storm.  We were grateful for the warnings about kennel cough we received, as she did get very ill shortly after arriving home and it was a tough few days when we were snowed-in and unable to get to the vet.  By the time the roads had cleared she had dropped 2 lb off her tiny 7lb frame.  Fortunately, she recovered and on her first outing to the dog park a month later, we ran into Liddy and his new owners!  Bitsy, Liddy and GG were all surrendered to APRA by the same owner when he lost his job.   Although Bitsy is not the most focused dog, she has learned how to walk on a leash, how to sit and to lay down and also, after 4 seemingly LONG months, she became housetrained!  She is a joyful spirit, loving all equally and with a zest and a dance for life that makes us all smile. She and “older brother” Pepper (on the left in the photo) have had a great two years teaching one another all their naughty tricks, and have become very bonded.  Pepper in particular can’t stand to be apart from her.  This is a photo of the two of them enjoying some down time, Bitsy is on the right.   Thank-you APRA for our wonderful pet, and to Bitsy’s previous owner for taking her to APRA rather than animal control! ~ Wes & Christine


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