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I adopted a cute White Poodle from Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption back in the fall of 1999!!  He just celebrated his 14th Birthday and I wanted you to know that Boudreaux (he was Beau when APRA had him – he was saved from a shelter in Douglas County), has lived through single life with me, my marriage, added two brothers (my sons) to the family, and now is enjoying his elder years with my sons catering to his every need!  ; )

He still runs around like a puppy with a lot of naps in the day!  Always sweet as ever and I just wanted APRA to know that those happy endings for the pets you all save continue for more than a decade!!!

With him being 14, we had to change his diet. He now eats allergy free prescription dog food (Science Diet) and half a Zyrtec every day to prevent any issues with allergies. And he has been healthy as ever since we made this change about 7 yrs ago! ~ Christi B.


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