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Gigi (formerly Sloan)

We adopted Gigi in August of 2011, my husband and I both found her on your site separately and showed each other, so we knew she was the one. (especially since she was our first dog after the unexpected loss of a long time wonderful rescue pup). When we adopted her she was about 35 pounds… In those first weeks she would literally fall asleep on top of you. She can’t do that anymore seeing as how she is about 70 pounds and when she puts her paws on my shoulders (I’m 5 foot) she can look right in my eyes. She has been nothing but a joy! Even though we have had to work really hard on obedience training (she is coming along fine) she is 70 pounds of all LOVE! And I mean she LOVES everyone and every dog. She now also has a sister who was adopted from another shelter and they are best buds. Even though we saved her, really, she saved us!! The picture is of Gigi and her sister Dixie with Santa at doggie day care. Thanks for all you do at APRA!!! ~ Ellen M.


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