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Miss Kitty (formerly Lacey)

Hello – I wanted to update you on the progress of the kitty I adopted this past summer.  Although her name was “Lacey” when I chose her, something more formal was necessary to fit her delicate sensibilities, so I generally refer to her as “Miss Kitty”; maybe she will let me call her Lacey when I get to know her better!

Miss Kitty loves to play.  It is her main modus operendi.  You may think she is running away from you so you won’t pick her up or hug her (which she generally deplores), but in reality she is trying to lure you into playing a fun game with her.  She loves her soft rubber balls that look like golf balls and she will fetch and bring the ball back to you, even if she has to climb upstairs with the ball in her mouth to find you!  She also loves when you throw the ball up the stairs from the landing, she is extremely fast in retrieving it and will flip and roll to get her prey.  I spend a lot of my free time digging under my furniture to find lost foam balls.

Her favorite place besides anywhere up high is in front of the open window in Summer and in front of the gas fire in Winter.  She has put on a few pounds since her shelter days, and has become very good at being lazy when she is not playing with her ball or other toys.

She has a classic “meow” and she lets me know when I leave for work that she would rather I stay at home and play with her.  She loves weekends when I’m home all day and can shower her with constant attention.  And although she generally does not like to be petted, patted, rubbed, picked up, clipped, scratched or touched in any way, she loves people and always gets very excited when company comes over, even trick or treaters!  With one exception, she will occaisially allow you to pet her gently which she signals by flopping down on her side at your feet as if to say “you may pet me now”.

Miss Kitty is very different than my last cat (who actually hugged you when you picked him up), but she is lovely and very funny.  When my gas fire is on, and my wool blanket on my lap, she will sit on me, but circumstances must be perfect before she jumps up!  I appreciate her high level of taste and discrimination as I tend to have very high standards too.  Thank you for all you do for the animal population in this city.  I will continue to support and donate to APRA in the future!

Sincerely ~ Erika D.

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