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Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D.

Hello – My husband and I adopted our sweet boy, Sheldon Cooper, PhD (formerly
Flynn) back in September.  At the time, we were heartbroken over losing our sweat calico, Cassie, and we wanted a companion for our orange tabby, Loki, who had never known a life without another kitty companion.

When we met Sheldon, he was being kept in the back office as he was developing a cold.  We were not able to hold him, but we thought for sure he was going to rub his way out of the cage – he was so affectionate and sweet.  We talked about him all week, and the
following Saturday, we came back to APR as soon as it opened so that we could hold him and make sure he was “our kitty.”  When we held him, he simply melted into our arms.  We knew we had met our newest family member.

Loki, however, was not so quick to warm up to him.  The first week or so was tense – there was some hissing from both boys, and Loki would just keep moving to get away from the affectionate little kitten.  In time, they warmed to each other and now act like the brothers we hoped they would become.

Sheldon’s personality is nothing short of fantastic.  He loves to cuddle and be held, and he likes to burrow under the blankets to get closer to us.  He is very playful, but never destructive.  He seems to have an affinity for feet – snuggling them, playing with them, and yes, sniffing them.  He is also very interested in human food – more so than any other cat I have ever met.  Every time we eat he wants to see and smell up close what we have in our plates.

Thank you for helping us find our sweet, loving, curious little boy – he has made our family complete once more.

Sincerely, Nikelle and Richard K.

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