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Towser (formerly Boomer)

We adopted Towser in March of 2011.  It has been an amazing year and a half with our wonderful little dog.  My husband, daughter and I constantly marvel at him and are so thankful to APRA for bringing him into our lives.

Our advice to other adopters is to trust your adoption coordinator.  After several trips to APRA, always working with the same adoption coordinator, Tracy, we thought we had found our dog.  We met her foster parent in the parking lot, and he raved about her.  When we came inside, we found that another couple was already waiting for her.  We identified a few other dogs, and Tracy told us that they were not the right fit for us.  Then I saw Towser, and Tracy said she thought he would work well for us.  WOW!  She could not have been more right.  He is loving, sweet, well-behaved, active, adventurous and wonderful!  You cannot look at him without smiling.  He is not perfect, but he is perfect for us.

Thank you APRA for changing our lives with one little 9 pound dog. ~ Sheri M.

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