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OMG!!  We adopted our Brookie early in Aug 2012 and she is the best girl ever.  I came to APRA with my daughters one day to look at a poodle.  Turned out that our family wasn’t a good fit for the poodle because she needed a home with other dogs.  While I was there, a little Pointer named Brookie came over to the front of her pen area and put her head right on my hand…. and just kept it there.  I didn’t think anything of it, and never, ever thought of owning a Pointer because I just have no experience with that breed.  We left and kept watching the APRA website.  Brookie’s picture kept getting higher and higher on the list of dogs, which I think means the dogs that have been there longest.  I then read her story as I had done before, but this time it had changed.  Her Foster Mom (Laura L.)  had written a little more about Brookie saying that she was a “cuddle bug”.  That is just what we were looking for, so with girls and hubby in tow, we headed back to APRA about 3 weeks after our first visit.  Our visit with Brookie lasted about 10 min. and we were hooked.

Brookie has changed so much in the last 5 months.  She was abused for sure in her other home, so she has been slow to trust.  But she is doing great!  Sleeps in between us all night, very well house trained ( only two accidents and they were when we first got her home). She goes crazy for walks, but is a great “chillaxer” when we get home.  She still loves to chew, but has been very kind to our house and only chews her hoofies and “Kong” bony.   She still looks around while she is eating to see if anyone is going to try to get her food.  She is also still VERY  into shadows!!  She will watch the walls all day, we don’t see anything but she seems to be having a great time with whatever she is seeing??  Cute, not as creepy as you might think!!

We love our Brookie and are so grateful to APRA for bringing us together.  You all are doing so much good work.  Finding homes for animals in need, and changing families by bringing the pure joy of the love of an animal into homes.

Thanks you so much from our family ~ Susan, Scott, Ella, Zelda and Brookie!!! (Tico cat and Mister Wiskers bunny)

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  1. Barbara Brown
    Posted 1/22/13 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    So glad to hear that Brooke is doing well. She has many fans among the volunteers and staff at APRA.

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