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SneakerOur very happy tale is about Sneaker. We first noticed the tiny, frail Sneaker on your website and brought the family in to see him. He was barely eight lbs., had no fur on his paws (we called them chicken feet!), and had a bone for a tail. He was shy with other dogs and he did not even know how to play! He was so tired from his journey and all the toils of his past life, that he just curled up on my husband’s lap and slept.

To be honest, he was so small, we were not sure at first that he was the dog for our active family. We like to hike and play together and our beloved dog, who passed away at 16, was quite active in her prime. So, we left that Sunday without a dog, wanting to make an educated decision before bringing anyone home.

Well, we could not stop thinking about him all week! We came back to find him a little bit bigger, but more importantly,  socially acclimated to the other dogs. From this, we could see tiny glimpses of his personality. We also knew the breed, Shitzhu/Terrier, are usually pretty spunky, fun dogs.

So, little Sneaker came home with us. It did not take him long to gain three more lbs., — gone were the chicken feet and his tail is now thick and wags constantly. Sneakers (we added the s) quickly learned how to play the first time we took him to the pet store. He went right over to a bin and picked out his own toy with his mouth!

Now, he enjoys walks around the lake visiting the neighborhood dogs (who at first he was afraid of but now he runs to), playing “soccer” with his ball, hiking on trails and curling up at night on anyone’s lap after a fun day of play.

We are so happy we found Sneakers and that he found us. We can tell by his kisses how happy he is now that he is safe, fed and loved in his forever home.

Sincerely, Melissa O.

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