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EnzoWe wanted to let you all know how much of a joy adopting Enzo has been!  We adopted him a little over a year ago – he is truly a part of our family, and we all love him so much!  Even his grandparents love him dearly and bring him presents when they visit!  He has blended in so perfectly to our family, it is as if he was truly meant to be with us.

Enzo loves to travel with us – he has been on a few car trips with us and has enjoyed staying in several Great Westins, etc. that are always pet-friendly!   We all just love him so much, we can’t even imagine life without him.  Every morning Enzo comes with me to wake the kids up, and jumps right up on their beds to give them good morning licks!

ARPA does such a wonderful job matching their dogs and cats to the right families, and we can’t say enough wonderful things.  Clearly you all care so much about these animals and their well-being, and it shows.   We just wanted you to know that Enzo definitely has a “Happy Tale” to tell.  He is a very happy pup, and his family is equally happy to share our lives with him! ~ Amy S.

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