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NibletWe adopted Niblet from APRA on 12/28/12 as a companion for us and the guy with the white paws there.

Toward the end of last year, we were losing a beloved dog that was to be the end of “our crew” as we called them.  That crew began in 1988, shortly after we were married, with the adoption of a give away puppy, Butterball.  A couple of years later we adopted a pair of sibling kitties, Salt and Pepper, whose entire litter had been scheduled for immediate euthanization.  In early 1996, we took in a stray puppy, Tuffy – who was anything but tough.  And because we have been blessed with long-lived pets, for many years, there was a house full.  Losing Tuffy felt like losing them all, all over again.

Several weeks before, however, another stray showed up in our lives – the guy with the paws.  Even though he had been microchipped, his previous ‘guardians’ had abandoned him and they made it well-known that they were not interested in having him back.  From what we have been able to piece together, Pip, as he is now known, had been out there for many months, with more than just physical effect.  Remarkably though, he found Tuffy to be rather interesting (in a good way) and genuinely seemed to miss him, even after only a short acquaintance.

Given the higher purpose of a rescue organization, rightfully, there should be due diligence when placing a pet, perhaps more so, when doing so in a home with another animal.   Hopefully, this picture tells our story.  Each of these guys has been wonderful for the other and both have been healing for us.  Eventually, there will be another dog in our lives and unless just showing up like Pip did, we probably will be back to APRA to meet one that would like to be part of a new crew, a dog that might find cats interesting. . . . in a good way. ~ Phil and Lisa


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  1. Lyndel Gliedman
    Posted 2/8/13 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Niblet is a very lucky kitten! I’m so glad he blended right in!!

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