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WoodrowHi! This is Kim and Bill.  We adopted Woodrow/Woodie, last March. He caught my eye on the website, and we just kept going back to him, as he was so very unique looking! We went down to APRA the next morning and looked over all the dogs and we saw Woodrow ! He was adorable. We spent some time with him and I just knew he was for us forever. So, we adopted him. He did not bark for 8 hours and I was a bit worried! But that night, he surprised us and defended us with loud barking from the giant owl on Frozen Planet, on tv!

We made some decisions about Woodie as we did not know his previous life issues. We would never hit him or punish with any kind of violence, but, instead, use time out.  We took him to puppy training to see what he knew command wise. He aced it! He had definite treat aggression issues and even drew some blood, but he did not know us enough yet, to trust us. “Time out” works well as he loves to be with us, next to us and on our laps all the time! We found he learns fast and is very smart. He understands a great deal. We had his DNA done as everyone asked us, “What kind of dog is he?”   Well, after 4 weeks we found out! He is 50% Miniature Poodle on his maternal side and the sire side is a big mix of fluffy dogs, Poodle, Havanese, Cote de Tulear, Cocker Spaniel and, low and behold.. 4% Fox Terrier! That explained his intense focus on other animals, along with his self esteem, which was like a Great Dane!

He loves the vet’s office and they love him . We worked out the treat aggression, and some of the small dog big self esteem issues! He trusts us now, and we have a blast with him! He loves to play and has a fondness for my husband’s socks, especially if they are worn already. He loves his toys and going to the Drive Thru for any thing.  He knows the bank and pharmacy with give him treats!! He does sleep through the night, starting out under the bed in his sock haven and then comes up with us for the rest of the night.  He is house broken for sure, except for one night, after a week with us, he must have needed to make poo, and instead of waking us up, he went in to another room and pooed on the carpet! Totally forgiveable. We found a schedule that works for him, as he likes to go to bed at 10pm or so, we take him out right before then to do his thing.
Then he is good the rest of the night. We found he sometimes likes to line his toys up in a semi circle or a straight line, and we think he is a genius!  He loves a bath, and running around after. He really hates it when you remove his collar, we think it reminds him of being given up so, after the bath he likes to take it from you and run around! He keeps all his toys in a dog bed, go figure, and loves the ones that sound like animals. He absolutely loves to help you unwrap anything and knows that mamma  will bring a toy back from the grocery store when she goes;  so, he looks in all the grocery bags until he finds it! When we got an area rug, he adopted it as his, and keeps his toys there while he is playing with them and then will put some toys back and get a new one to play with. Above all, he is loved, and we take him with us whenever we can.  He went to visit family this past summer and travels very well. He knows suitcases mean we are going on a trip!l Like Ceasar Milan says on his new show, “You get the dog you need, not the dog you want”. We just got very lucky and got both! Oh, yes, one final weird thing he loves… Stink bugs! He catches them, plays a bit, smell be darned, and then eats them..EW… But he loves it.  He can also catch a fly in midair if it flies low enough… Hmmmm… Interesting! And the best thing about him is he loves us, and greets us like long lost relatives whenever we come home.  He makes us feel complete and I am pretty sure he is super happy with us.  He smiles now!  I will send another post of pictures when I can get Bill to get them set up.

All I have to say, is we are glad we found him; he was meant for us. We did run into a woman who saw him at the shelter, before APRA took him, and she told us he was so sad and depressed and did not know why he was in a cage.  All I can say is that I am glad his previous owner did not let him loose onto the streets.  He is too good for that.

Woodie, is definitely a wonder dog to us! Thank you, APRA, for saving him! ~ Kim L.

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  1. Pam Moore
    Posted 4/1/13 at 8:42 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the wonderfully comprehensive update on Woodrow! I started volunteering at APRA after Woodrow, so I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting him, but now I feel like I know him. I love reading these Happy Tales. and Woodrow, I’m so happy that you found such a wonderful home!!

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