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OliverWe adopted Oliver from you in February 2002.  Oliver is still thriving today at 13 and has enriched our lives in s many ways.

Recently, Oliver had some severe medical issues when we found out that he had
autoimmune hemolytic anemia.  He almost died when his red blood cells dropped to 5%. After lots of vet visits he seemed back on track and then one day he couldn’t walk.  We took him in and the vet found that he was having a reaction to his medication that has only occurred in humans but never dogs.

She couldn’t find any other cases at all.  In a desperate move she decided to give him a shot of medication that humans take for Addison’s Disease because he mirrored those symptoms.  Although she said he probably would not make it we didn’t give up.  We took him home and made sure he was comfortable and tried to make him eat anything (from chicken to filet).

24 hours later we were still up with him not really knowing what to do, when he sat up, looked at us, jumped down and started asking for treats. He ate everything he could for the next hour.  That was 6 months ago and today he is on meds at all and healthier than ever before.

He’s very special, as are all animals, but we are a little partial to our Oliver.

We even made a little movie trailer about it…hope you like it and thank you
for doing what you!

Oliver Chihuahua (Based on a true story):  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4QASg1v5t5w

Robert L.

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