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Ollie-NicoleHi APRA!- I just wanted to send you a follow up on my dog Ollie (on the right in the photo.  I was a volunteer at APRA and LOVED it. However, a job moved me out of state.  My dog Honey and I had been living with my best friend and her chocolate lab.  I didn’t want Honey to be an only dog.  So, I went to APRA to see if we could find her a brother or sister.  I spotted Ollie from a distance with his pretty red coat.  He came right to me when I walked into the pen.  I fell in love instantly…so did Honey when she met him. In August of 2011 we brought him home with us.  He did a bit of chewing at first, but he trained easily and is now a model citizen.  He is the sweetest boy ever! (I’m sure everyone says that..but he really is)  We are a very happy family and I feel so blessed to have found Ollie.

Thank you APRA..and I miss volunteering!! ~ Nicole

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