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Squeaks & his pal Howard

Squeaks & HowardWhen Atlanta Pet Rescue tested 3 young cats several years ago, abandoned at a residence ,one was FIV positive. A volunteer with the cat placement team placed this wonderful cat with the big personality with one of the vet volunteers for 10 days while she tried to find a home. I had just filled out a cat adoption form online when I got the
call. “Our boy had to be the only cat and kept indoors.” were the conditions. I had lost my sweet Mocha to breast cancer 6 months before and was used to keeping a cat indoors. That was 3 years ago, and here Squeaks is with his pal Howard snuggling on a cold afternoon. I have been waiting to get a great photo to tell our story so prospective adoptees could see that FIV cats can be successfully adopted within the right conditions. Thanks to the volunteers for their intuition and hard work. ~ Nena, Squeaks, and Howard A.

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