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Anubis (formerly Blitzen)

Anubis & ShadowWe added Anubis (on left in photo) to our family on Saturday March 9th. He is doing GREAT in his new home! He absolutely adores his big brother, Shadow (on right in photo), and is always happy to see his feline siblings. He didn’t take long to integrate into our household but has just gotten used to his new dad in the past few weeks. We knew he had issues with men and he is working through them wonderfully. He is very happy to hang out in his backyard with Shadow and goes running with me about 4 times per week. He is slowly overcoming his fear of going in the car and making steady progress on so many other fears he exhibited when we first got him. We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to his foster parents, Gina and Dan, who helped him see that living in a house with people is a great thing! He is such a happy boy who LOVES to eat and have snacks, clean Shadow’s ears and face, and play with his kitty siblings. ~ Jennifer B.

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  1. Ben Bailey
    Posted 4/29/13 at 10:37 pm | Permalink

    Sounds Perfect !!!

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